SYMA Production

SYMA Production produces trade fair displays, produces custom interiors for commercial projects and produces interiors for end users under the SYMA Living brand. Thanks to its extensive production capacities, machinery and technological equipment, it is able to realize even large, demanding and specific orders.

It is constantly innovating and digitising its production processes. It cooperates with major architectural offices and its products are characterised by their imaginative design together with first-class workmanship.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the best choice for our long-term business partners, to deliver innovative trade fair stand design solutions and to provide related service at a professional level. We want to be a reliable supplier of custom interiors, setting trends in materials and timeless design, providing the highest quality and longevity of our products. We want to create an environment for our team of great professionals that is not only fun to work in, but also fun to live in.

Why choose us

We meet our customers' needs

We build relationships based on professionalism, reliability and quality. We enjoy customer satisfaction and want to be a long-term partner and the best choice for our customers.

We care and innovate

We think about the future and, by working closely with our customers, we adapt to their requirements and market trends. We always strive to give the customer something extra.

We have been on the market for over 30 years

We are a Czech company that is part of the Swiss holding SYMA-SYSTEM AG. We emphasize quality craftsmanship and use the highest quality materials. We are thus ready to meet the high demands for quality and technical solutions for large projects.

Comprehensive services for maximum comfort

We are a team of 100 experienced professionals, so we can meet demanding projects from the initial idea to the final implementation of the smallest details. Our in-house carpenters, painters, fitters and at the same time a large department of engineers work on the projects.

Experience of co-workers

David Kopuletý

Project Manager - Interiors

I am the one who customers turn to and who guides them through the entire process of creating their dream interior. The work in the company is very diverse, the innovative approach of the company and the ever-changing trends in the industry allow me to develop as a person and gain new experience. I plan my working day myself.  If I need to, I work from home. In a normal working week, one day I focus, the next day I have a meeting with a customer and the other days are dedicated to costing and production control, so it’s not a routine.  My biggest motivation is a combination of several factors. The main one is the fact that we don’t create any semi-finished products, but a tangible final product that makes the customer genuinely happy – that makes me happy too.

Emanuel Čáslava


I found out about the opportunity to work in the company from a colleague from a former job who also works there. I am motivated by the results achieved. I am driven by orders with deadlines, they give me a sense of fulfilment. I believe I can make a positive difference here, I value the work etiquette and the atmosphere of cooperation. I like the company because it is innovating, expanding and there is a good team here. I am happy to be part of this team.

Jiří Krátký


I have been working here for 5 years, since the company I worked for was closing down and entered into an agreement with Syma Production to take over the liabilities and we were also offered cooperation. Initial fears of the new environment have been replaced by satisfaction. The company is continually developing both in terms of space and machinery and even though I have been a joiner for over 20 years and dare I say, despite my skills and wealth of experience, I am constantly learning new things, developing my skills and pushing my professional boundaries and knowledge.

The team of people here is great.

Jakub Vojtěšek


Working at Syma Production is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to taste. My main work tasks are design and development of furniture products. As a designer, I bring my expertise and skills to analyze and solve technical problems, where each project must be approached individually with attention to detail and functionality. Based on customer requirements, market trends and ergonomic principles. To do this, I use CAD software to create 2D and 3D furniture models as well as technical documentation. I value the company’s investment in my professional development and feel trust and respect between us. Creativity, innovation and work-life balance are also positive aspects that I perceive in our work team. The collective in the company has a friendly atmosphere, healthy communication with teamwork.

Kryštof Leitgeb


I joined Syma Production as part of my apprenticeship at school, shortly before I finished my degree. I liked the company and started working there immediately after school. In the company I like the friendly team, the possibility to enrich my carpentry knowledge, modern equipment and systematization.

I enjoy making nice and quality furniture and the variety of production.

Vít Gregor


I found out about the job as a warehouseman from an ad on FB. I found the job interesting and approached the company. Both in my work and personal life I prefer things to be in order and have their place. The interview at the company was serious and all telling, I accepted the job and started immediately the next day. What I like about the company is the perfect communication with the management and the camaraderie among the staff.

I try to do the best job to feel good about myself and also to be properly compensated.

Petr Konečný

CNC operator

I have been working here for about a year, this job was recommended to me by a friend. My specific trade did not provide me with enough financial security and the opportunity to work here allows me to earn a decent income. One of the not insignificant bonuses is the excellent team.

Also, the sense of security in uncertain times is reassuring as the company has handled and continues to handle the crises that have arisen well.

Valentýn Valenta


I was recommended to work at Syma Production by a colleague and friend. After a personal meeting and a visit to the company, I did not hesitate and decided to join. My motivation to work here is the innovative environment with interesting technologies, materials, elements or design. The cleanliness and friendly team of co-workers and management is also important to me.

I am happy to be part of this team.

Iuliia Doroshenko


In the company I am responsible for furniture construction, transforming the designs of designers and architects into real elements that can be made to last for years. My position is not visible to the customer, I look for design solutions, most of the time I create documents and drawings for production and assembly. This is my tenth year in furniture design and manufacturing, I still enjoy this type of work. There is a cycle of never-ending innovation, new information technology and production processes, design and construction solutions, and new materials and elements are constantly being developed. The work of a designer is varied in the company, from furniture solutions for schools, museums and private individuals with many atypical interior design requirements. 

The team of co-workers is also very friendly, I like to participate in brainstorming sessions and solving complex tasks together.

Are you interested in our services?

You need to make custom furniture, completely redesign an entire interior, furnish a commercial space or build a trade show exhibition. Then we are here for you!
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